New Sports Utility Truck Is All Electric

It isn’t often a pretty sight when a company, especially a small one, goes through bankruptcy. One electric vehicle start up though, Phoenix Motorcars, looks to have emerged from this sad state of affairs, however, and is now talking up its newly configured electric sports utility truck , the Phoenix SUT.

The bankruptcy, mentioned over at Autoblog Green, was resolved when one of the company’s primary investors purchased the assets of the company out of bankruptcy. The new Phoenix Motorcars is concentrating on commercial electric vehicles at the moment. The Phoenix SUT is that offering, with the company saying it will get a 70 mile range option at delivery later this year, with an extended 100 mile range pack option being available for delivery in 2011. Each solution is equipped with lithium batteries. Top speed of the SUT will be around 80 MPH.

Phoenix SUT

image via Phoenix Motorcars

“Phoenix Motorcars is proud to introduce the first all-wheel drive electric pickup truck ready for fleet procurement,” stated Bryon Bliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars, in a statement. “The FedFleet 2010 conference provides an ideal opportunity to debut our enhanced Sports Utility Truck. We will begin deliveries later this year.”

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