MyGulfAction Aims To Offset Gulf Spill

If you aren’t actively participating in cleaning up the Gulf oil spill disaster and frustrated with the failed efforts to stop the gushing oil, there’s a way you can help from your own community.  MyGulfAction is a new online tool launched by SmartPower which enables people to track their personal fossil fuel usage and then see how small life changes (like biking, cutting back on bottled water, etc) add up to a major impact.

It’s pretty much as simple as it sounds.  You pledge to use less oil which in turn helps reduce international dependence on petroleum and thus the need to drill more deepwater wells like the one leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.    A variety of environmental and political groups have signed on to support the campaign including; Waterkeeper Alliance and Save Our Gulf; League of Conservation Voters; Clean Water Action; and Center for Resource Solutions.

Via Climate Culture

image via SmartPower

So far, the MyGulfAction campaign claims to have help saved about 12,000 gallons of oil.  We know that seems minor when compared to the millions of gallons of oil that BP’s well is spilling into the water on a daily basis, but it’s something at least.

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