Mobile App Allows Easy Gulf Spill Reportage

BP may not be all that keen on journalists taking pictures of the disaster washing up on U.S. southern shores, but a new mobile app aims to give everyday citizens a way to help report on the Gulf Oil Spill as it spreads: the Map The Spill App, available now for Blackberry and Android.

Users of the app can upload photos, videos and reports; they can also download freely available information about the spill, thereby staying up-to-date on all the latest developments. (If there’s no cell coverage available on the beach, don’t worry: Map The Spill also doubles as a data collection device offline). This app is expected to be a boon to organizations and groups working to help clean up the disaster in the gulf, as well as for grassroots activism, since, as Treehugger notes, getting accurate information has been extremely difficult for reporters.


image via Treehugger

Map The Spill is available as a free download, and a version for the iPhone is expected to be released soon, so if you own a smartphone and are located near the Gulf, this app is definitely something to consider–not only as a way to keep up on latest on what’s happening in the Gulf, but as a means for getting involved and making a difference.

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