Ice Cream Trike Is Solar-Powered Cool

Everybody loves ice-cream on a hot, sunny day. How much more would we love it if were delivered not via the neighborhood ice-cream truck, but courtesy of this cute little trike, equipped with a solar-powered freezer?

That’s right, a solar-powered freezer. The hotter the day, the colder the ice cream. This ingenious concept design by Aija Golubev known as the Solar Cool Cart(which comes to us via Yanko Design) works via solar panels embedded in the canopy that shades the ice-cream man (or woman) from the unforgiving rays of the sun. These panels are connected to solar charge regulators and generate around 35W on a sunny day. More than enough to keep your rocket-pop from melting.


image via Yanko Design

The Solar Cool Cart features a removable cooling unit so that it can be charged from a separate (AC-based) supply during the night; the tank for storage of cold goods is approximately 40 liters (around 10.5 gallons). The modified tricycle frame is made of steel and is extended to accommodate the solar membrane and support the cooling unit; it has a reversible seat, canopy, and side panels perfect for banners advertising its goods. (All it appears to be missing is a solar-powered sound system by which to broadcast Pop Goes the Weasel all day.)

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  • Reply July 30, 2010

    Jenn's Ice Cream Business

    What an incredibly awesome idea – especially since the ice cream vendors generally only operate when it is really sunny outside! What a perfect match!

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