Green Water Heater Very Solar Efficient

An average water heater is one of the largest energy hogs in any green home. (One that we appreciate with every hot shower.)  In addition to installing low flow shower heads, what can a green home owner due to cut back on the energy needed to heat water?

Water heater manufacturer A.O. Smith presents one answer to this tricky question: the new Cirrex solar water heater.   This Energy Star rated appliance claims that it’s solar panels can collect up to 70% of the energy needed to heat your water directly from the sun and that their equipment is 1/8 the cost of  photovoltaic solar collectors.    Here’s how it works: The sun heats the panels installed on your roof.   Heated fluid moves from the roof to a heat exchanger and then to your water storage tank.   The Cirrex system includes either an 80- and 120-gallon tank; the manufacturer argues that having a larger water tank is more cost effective and energy efficient in part because they include more solar panels.

Via A.O. Smith

image via A.O. Smith

“For homeowners who care about green energy and lower utility bills, there is nothing on the market today that can beat the Cirrex Solar Thermal Water Heating System,” said David Chisolm, brand manager for A. O. Smith Water Products Company, in a statement. “With the new Cirrex, we are proving once again that A. O. Smith is the innovation leader for the water heating industry.”

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