EcoFactor Brings Energy Tools To Texas

Dallas/Forth Worth homeowners will soon have an opportunity to “take a load off,” both the local grid and their annual heating and cooling bills, as a company known as EcoFactor has selected this metro area for the launch of their new “Take a Load Off, Texas” program designed to help users cut home energy bills by 20-30% while still maintaining comfort.

The EcoFactor energy management system is based around the understanding that while nearly everyone wants to save money, not everyone has the time or inclination to constantly manage their energy usage. EcoFactor works to automate energy conservation by managing a home’s heating and cooling system, surveying small changes in temperature based on weather conditions, occupant preferences and schedules, and making slight adjustments in temperature to optimize energy conservation. These adjustments, however, aren’t mandated; users can always override the system.


image via EcoFactor

Interested? Live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Applications for the service are available online at Installation of the EcoFactor-enabled thermostats is handled by Service Experts, a home comfort service company that provides home energy efficiency solutions, including installation, maintenance and repair of heating, air conditioning, and indoor air systems.

“We spent years building a solution that will effectively reduce energy usage and automatically save homeowners money, without sacrificing comfort, control or convenience,” said John Steinberg, CEO of EcoFactor, in a statement. “With a hot summer climate and a tech-savvy community, DFW is the ideal place to launch our service.”

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