Coulomb Adds Home Electric Car Charger

Coulomb Technologies today unveiled an electric car charging station that will be able to meet the requirements of usage for residential and light commercial. It isn’t something you’ll just be able to run down to your local hardware store to buy and install though, but this new station reinforces the fact electric cars are coming to people’s homes very soon.

Coulomb said the new CT500 station is a 7.2 kw single output station that delivers Level II (208/240 V @ 30 A) charging and is compatible with plug-in electric vehicles that comply with the SAE J1772™ plug-in electric vehicle-charging standard. It is a wall mountable design that sports a vacuum florescent display with multiple language support. It is smart grid compatible and, as far as charging times go, those will depend somewhat on the vehicle being hooked up.

Coulomb CT500

image via Coulomb

“Coulomb has the most comprehensive and established product line and application services offering in the industry,” said Richard Lowenthal, CEO Coulomb Technologies, in a statement. “The addition of our residential charging stations coincides with the introduction of electric vehicles to the mass market. Our charging stations are available to order today and will bring all of the features and benefits people expect from the ChargePoint Network.”

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    If they could hook that up to an easy-to-use solar module, then they’d have the whole package.

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    I am looking to buy a nice car battery charger. Is this charger Universal? I mean can this charger be used for all the Electric cars?

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