Chevy Volt Completes 1,776 Mile Publicity Drive

GM last week decided to let some employees take a pre-production Volt on a little 1,776 mile “Freedom Drive” as a way to celebrate the electric car deployment plans to additional markets when it launches. Turns out the Volt completed the journey without a hitch.

GM said the Volt made the drive from Austin, Texas, to New York City between July 1 and July 4. It traveled 527 miles the first day, 773 miles on day 2, 420 miles on day 3 and the remaining short distance between Philadelphia and NYC on the Fourth of July. Of particular note, according to GM, was participation in the Fairfax, VA Independence Day parade, where “thousands of fans of the Volt turned out along the parade route with dozens stopping by the Volt staging area to ask questions about the car.” Thousands? Perhaps they were there to see the parade as well? Either way, at least plenty of people seemed curious about it.

Volt Drive

image via GM

“While our engineers are still working on our final calibrations, we could not have asked for the Volt to perform any better than it did,” said Tony Posawatz, vehicle line director, global electric vehicles and Chevrolet Volt, in a statement. “The Freedom Drive proved the Chevrolet Volt can be your primary vehicle, whether you are commuting across town or across the country.”

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