Chattanooga Gets Its Own Bloom Box To Play With

Back in late February we first brought you word of Bloom Energy, a high flying clean energy start up with some very fancy fuel cell server technology. A number of its Bloom Boxes are already in use around the country, and now the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee can join that list, unveiling recently its first 100 kW energy server.

Chattanooga, according to the city, partnered with a number of players in order to bring this server into town, including Congressman Zach Wamp, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the National Center for Computational Engineering (SimCenter), EPB, TVA and The Enterprise Center. The Bloom Box is located on the top floor of the EPB building’s parking garage, in downtown Chattanooga and will serve for that city as an example of “how distributed generation technologies such as Bloom’s can be an integral part of a clean smart grid for the 21st century.”

Boom Box TN

image via University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The unit, which is said to be among the most efficient energy generators available by providing “significantly reduced electricity costs and dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions,” will provide 24/7 power to the building. It will be monitored by EPB, Bloom Energy, and SimCenter to “optimize and simulate performance and to provide educational value on cutting edge energy technology.”

“The Tennessee Valley has been involved with this technology for a long time, and we’re now at the point of demonstrating its viability as a compliment to the grid. The ultimate goal would be to manufacture fuel cells in Tennessee and further advance the new manufacturing boon in the Tennessee Valley Corridor,” said Congressman Wamp in a statement. “Bloom’s technology could have a tremendous impact for the world in creating new energy sources and is cleaner and more efficient than much of today’s power generation. Fuel cell technology coupled with increased nuclear energy could significantly shrink our country’s carbon footprint.”

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    Man, EPB has the fastest fiber network covering their entire userbase in the country and this? Must be something in the water

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