Apple Battery Charger Has Low Power Draw

Apple often believes the only way it can get something right is to build it itself. This mantra seems to apply especially to its new Battery Charger, unveiled yesterday for a price of around $29. It is designed to work with the six high-performance AA NiMH rechargeable batteries that come with it, though it reportedly will also work with other AA NiMH batteries as well.

Apple is targeting users of wireless Mac accessories with its Battery Charger, though the company says this product can be used with just about anything that requires AA batteries. The Apple Battery Charger has reportedly been designed with one of the lowest standby power usage values – also known as vampire power – on the market to date. The Charger juices itself up when charging the six AA batteries, then automatically winds itself down when still plugged in but with the batteries fully charged.

Apple Battery Charger

image via Apple

The Apple specific AA batteries are said to have been designed to be long lasting, up to 10 years specifically. They also have a low discharge rate, so even after a year of non use away from the charger they supposedly contain still 80 percent of their charge. The Charger itself also sports a removable AC plug so it can be swapped out with plugs that fit in different outlets around the world. It also just looks much cooler than other battery chargers, if such a thing is even possible.

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