Amsterdam Could Get H20 Powered Hotel

In the future, while visiting Amsterdam, you may have the option to stay at a water-powered hotel along the Amstel River, provided you’ve got the cash. Welcome to the H20tel, a sustainable luxury hotel developed by RAU and Powerhouse Company, which comes to us via Greendiary.

This prototype for an upscale eco-hotel was unveiled recently at the National Design Triennial ‘Why Design Now?’ show at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. It makes use of water as the main carrier of energy for the building, employing oxy-hydrogen generators for heating, cooling, cooking and electricity generation. The building comes equipped with a sensor-based climate system that monitors and adjusts the level of conditioning required in real time for each room, as well as smart-building sensors that automatically switch off lights in empty rooms, saving at least 40% of the building’s energy consumption.


image via Greendiary

Other inventive design principles are at play in the hotel’s façade, which contains a dense arrangement of wooden lamellas that protects the building from overheating at mid-day and during the summer without compromising those panoramic views of the city of Amsterdam. H20tel also include a large atrium that maximizes physical space within the hotel while providing that indoor/outdoor sense of connection.

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