$75,000 Electric Bike Has A Certain Wow Factor

Would you be willing to pay north of $75,000 for a fancy electric bike? That is the indirect question being posed by this very limited edition European e-bike we came across via The Red Ferret Journal. PG-Bikes is showcasing its BlackTrail BT-01 e-bike, which is limited to just 667 units.

The BT-01 e-bike had its engineering and light construction design done through UBC. It has a top speed of 62 MPH and a recommended cruising speed of between 19 and 31 MPH. The maximum range on this e-bike if you punch it to the top speed is 37 miles, while if you stay within the cruising speed range you can expect to go a maximum distance of 124 miles. We would imagine as well that if the rechargeable battery dies, you could just pedal yourself the remaining distance (though at this price maybe someone should be pedaling for you instead).


image via PG-Bikes

Other key features of this bike include a body made out of carbon fiber, high alloyed aluminum, titan and magnesium; a CM48 V hybrid engine; an 80 percent battery charged time of 30 minutes; LED lights and an OLED display that tells you battery status, charging states, speed indicator and an administration tool for individual motor, engine and power management. This sounds like a really cool bike, but $75,000? That seems a little steep, regardless of what it has to offer.

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