3 Wheel Eco Car Claims 600 Mile Range

A two-seater commuter that gets 60 miles to the gallon? That’s the EMC3 Commuter by the ECO Motor Company (which comes to us via RedFerret).

Feast your eyes on this cute little three-wheeled number: it features a compact yet powerful 1000 cc engine that achieves two to five times more miles per gallon than most vehicles on the road, “without sacrificing performance.” Its most eye-catching feature, of course, is that fact that it runs on three wheels instead of four, but ECO Motor Company would like you to know that they designed this vehicle with safety in mind,  making use of dynamic side impact beams, dual airbags, crumple zones and disc brakes.


image vai RedFerret

The EMC3 Commuter goes fully convertible via a zip-out rear window, and seats two people side by side. Nevertheless, this vehicle is so fuel-efficient it can legally be used in most states’ carpool lanes, even with only one person in it. A ten gallon tank means you can can go 600 miles in between fill-ups; yours for just under $14,000.

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