Wheego Taking Reservations For September Electric Car Launch

Wheego Electric Cars, one of the many small electric car manufacturers out there, is moving closer to the public launch of its Whip Life electric vehicle. The company announced recently it is now taking reservations for this car, which is said to be ready for availability in September.

Wheego said that those interested can sign up through its Web site, providing a fully refundable $100 down-payment. This will secure them a reservation number and eventually connecting them with a registered Wheego dealer to get their vehicle. The Whip Life is on the smaller side of road legal electric cars, being a two seater subcompact. It does come with features like driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, and power windows and locks. It reportedly will be capable of going up to 65 MPH, with a maximum “real world driving range of 100 miles” approximately. Its 115 volt lithium battery pack can be charged from a standard 120V outlet, a 240V outlet or any of the J1772 standard charging stations.

Wheego Whip Life

image via Wheego

Pricing on the Wheego Whip Life will be around $33,000. The vehicle, which will be available in red, white, blue, black, silver, and green body colors, will also qualify for a number of incentives. These include a $7,500 Federal tax credit; state tax credits or rebates in states such as California or Georgia which can reduce the price by up to another $5,000; and pending legislation in Congress that proposes an additional $2,000 electric vehicle incentive.

“We are on schedule to be the first company to offer an affordable all-electric car in the U.S.,” said Wheego CEO Mike McQuary in a statement. “Our Wheego Whip LiFe will ship to customers first-come, first-served across the U.S. beginning in September, and everyone who makes a reservation will be driving their car before the end of the year. The Whip LiFe has a lithium battery pack, is made of 75% U.S. content, and is assembled in Ontario, California. It is an example of American ingenuity at its finest.”

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