Weird Partial Headbag Thing Purifies Air You Breath

And now, presenting the latest in post-Apocalyptic fashion: the W/Air air purifier/necklace concept! Actually, we wish we could say this piece of wearable tech were only appropriate in case of far-fetched disaster scenarios, but the world’s air is getting dirtier every minute, and in some cities, folks are already sporting medical masks on their way to work. Why not an actual wearable air purifier, providing a continuous source of clean, safe air, where and when you need it?

The W/Air acts as a kind of large, futuristic-looking plastic necklace/turtleneck, until a sensor alerts you that air quality has been compromised. At that point, you simply pull the accordion-like plastic layers of the thing over you mouth and nose and breathe deeply. The device filters CO2 out of the air around you, rendering it safe to breathe, and, as an added bonus it forms a closed-loop energy system by using that CO2 to provide power.

Headbag Air

image via Green Diary

According to Greendiary, W/Air was developed by designers Martina Pagura and Pedro Nakazato Andrade in conjunction with Daviid Gauthier, Di Mainstone and Priya Mani from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design over the course of a two-week ‘Performative Design, Wearable Technology and Sustainability’ workshop.

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