Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack Review

The Review:

Voltaic provided for us its Converter backpack, which prices for around $200. It is the smaller of the company’s two backpack models, being essentially a daypack. It has a compartment in the back for a water bladder, which some might find strange considering you are also carrying a sealed portable lithium-polymer battery charger powered by the bag’s integrated solar panels on your back in the same pack. We’ll just assume no one has been fried by that combination and move on.

The backpack itself seems to be of solid construction, being made from recycled PET (soda bottle) materials. It has adequate storage to hold a variety of your favorite gadgets and other items, including a padded section for a laptop. It should be noted the included battery charger is not designed to power laptops, so you’ll need a separate way to keep the juice on that device topped (i.e. the laptop’s power cord).

Voltaic Converter

image via Voltaic

The three four-watt solar panels, which feed solar energy into the charger via an internal bag cable connection, are on the front of the pack. They provide a nice rigidity to an otherwise soft pack and are said to be tough enough to handle the normal jostles of day to day activity. Not that we recommend you slam them down on street asphalt repeatedly to test this theory (though they can easily be replaced if you decide to do so).

Included with the battery charger as accessories are a USB power out cable and 10 standard adapters that should fit between the cable and most common power connection ports on cell phones and other small mobile devices. We say small mobile devices because, as the documentation that comes with the Voltaic states, it will only work with handheld units that require five volts of power – items needing more or less power are out of luck.

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