Solar Keyhole Light Sheds Light On Front Door Fumbling

And now, the latest in Stuff You Never Knew You Needed But Not Cannot Live Without: a light that shines when it detects your fumbling around in the dark, illuminating your keyhole at night using the power of the sun.

The Solar Keyhole Light fits over any existing lock and shines when it detects motion beneath, helping you find and insert the correct key. This gizmo requires no wiring,  attaching via an adhesive backing and automatically charging up during the day. It comes with an on/off switch, but if you keep it in automatic motion detector mode, it stays on for the 15 seconds it will take you to get you to find your way in the front door.

Is this actually an eco-gadget, or a waste of resources? We suppose that depends on your modus operendi. If you already have a motion detector rigged up to light your front step, chances are the Solar Powered Keyhole is more of a waste. If you don’t have a motion detector light, it will ostensibly save energy by using a green power source to light up just the area you need (but then again, it won’t keep your guests from stumbling down your steps in the dark).

Solar Keyhole Light

image via Gold Violin

However, as RedFerret suggests, if you’re in the habit of waking up your significant other fumbling for the keyhole when you come home after hours, motion detector light or no, you may think of the Solar Powered Keyhole more as a marriage saver than an eco-gadget, albeit sustainably powered. Either way, it’s yours for just $7.96 from Gold Violin.

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