Smart Switch Concept Retrofits Homes for Energy Efficiency

There are a lot of smart people out there thinking about home energy management solutions right now, and Avery Holleman is one of them. As part of his senior thesis in industrial design, he came up with the Smart Switch concept–a system that effectively manages the energy used at home with a single remote. The best part? Unlike a lot of other energy management solutions currently being tossed around, this one could be retrofitted to an existing residential power system.

The Smart Switch system consists of four main parts; the first, a series of smart power outlets that can be programmed and controlled; the second, a system by which these smart switches can display power usage and control multiple outlets and lights; the third, a master switch that offers detailed power usage information over time and controls the system; the third, a master remote by which to program the whole shebang.


image via Tuvie

According to Tuvie, all of this is made simple by a universal icon, touch-based interface. The system makes use of existing power line communication, so it’s easy to get all the necessary wires connected via those already existing in your home. Also, the Smart Switch System uses very little energy, thanks to something called an e-ink display–as befits a system designed to save electricity at home.

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