New Device Smooths Out Voltage Spikes For Home Savings

Can a surge-protector-like device save you up to 30% on monthly electricity bills? Yes, according to Ecco Best, makers of “The Guardian,” an energy-management device that smooths out fluctuations in electrical voltage while saving homeowners money.

While there are plenty of energy management devices out there designed to save money and resources by either providing information about your appliances to a centralized home monitor (i.e., smart home tech) or eliminating vampire energy (by automatically turning off idle suck energy in standby mode), the The Guardian does neither of these things. It works, instead, by eliminating a lesser-known source of wasted electricity at home: the constant fluctuation of electric voltage throughout the day. Designed and engineered in Germany, The Guardian plugs directly into a wall socket, creating a source of safe, modulated and efficient power for home appliances.

Ecco Best Guardian

image via Ecco Best

“All of our products are rigorously tested, allowing us to maintain the highest quality standard and affordability without sacrificing efficiency,” said Carlo Krockel, Founder and CEO of EccoBest, in a statement. As an added bonus, according to Ecco Best, the device will extend the lives of most appliances. Two Guardians retail online for a combined price of $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

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