GM Drives Chevy Volt Through Huge Dust Clouds For Testing

When we last left the Chevrolet Volt electric car in its desert testing conditions yesterday, it had completed such fun things as its interior cabin baking in 175 degree heat and having to pull a towing dynamometer to test engine stress. The GM people couldn’t stop there though, no – they have to subject the poor little Volt to yet another beating, this time in the form of dust clouds.

GM said it is testing to “check for dust intrusion through Volt’s door seals, air filter and other filtration systems” by having the vehicle drive for slightly over 12 miles behind a dually Chevrolet Silverado pickup which intentionally kicks up huge clouds of dust. This testing was held at the Yuma Proving Grounds Muggins Mesa dust course, which required U.S. Army security clearance to gain access to.

Volt in Dust

image via GM

GM added that its lead durability test engineer Steve Pratt felt that the Volt is one of the best cars he’s tested in 15 years – very little dust intrusion, especially for a pre-production vehicle. What other tortures will the GM crew put the Volt through? Waterboarding perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see.

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