Energenie Gadget Tries To Stake Vampire Power

Vampire power is insidious. It’s there, preying on your appliances while they sleep, sucking energy from the grid and belching carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In recent years, homeowners have become increasingly aware of this silent menace, and manufacturers have stepped up to provide solutions. The latest is a device called Energenie, which comes to us by way of Envirogadget.

Like most gizmos designed to eliminate vampire power, the Envirogenie works very much like a surge protector–i.e., an intermediary plug between your appliance and the socket on the wall. Using a smart plug technology, Energenie senses when your electronics have entered a standby state and quietly turns them off, eliminating the need to pull the plug; to “wake up” your appliances, all you have to do is press the green button. Thie Energenie is a great companion for television sets, stereo systems, printers/faxes, computer monitors, etc. (but not for devices that require standby power to maintain operation, such as laptops, desktop towers or video recorders.)


image via Envirogadget

More than one appliance can be plugged into the Energenie, as long as the total load doesn’t exceed 13 amps.(However, as all the info concerning this product seems tailored to the European market, we’re wondering if this product is compatible with US electricity standards.) Available through Nigel’s Eco Store for £13.99 ($20.73).

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