Daimler AG’s Smart Car Debuts Electric U.S. Version

Daimler AG’s smart fortwo electric drive is getting its American time to shine, it was announced today by regional distributor smart USA. It isn’t quite the full scale rollout yet – more of a test run of sorts – but it does herald the formal introduction of another electric car to local roadways.

smart USA said it will initially have a fleet of 250 smart fortwo electric drive vehicles arriving this October. These test pilot vehicles will be “targeting key electrification leadership cities and Department of Energy grant areas,” which the Wall Street Journal reports will include “Portland, Ore.; San Jose, Calif.; Indianapolis; Orlando, Fla.; and the Washington, D.C.-Boston corridor.” ¬†Those who will be included in this test run are “companies, municipalities, organizations and individuals interested in making a passionate statement on conservation and environmental awareness.”

smart fortwo electric

image via smart USA

smart USA said that the smart fortwo electric drive vehicles are, in fact, fully electric. They are powered by a 30 kW drive motor and 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, with the battery itself being capable of being recharged fully in less than eight hours using a 220-volt outlet. The vehicles can reach highway speeds and offer a range of 82 miles on a single charge. If all goes well with testing, it is said smart will move towards “series volume production starting in the 2012 model year.”

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