Cousteau Granddaughter Travels Via Biofuel Bus For Water Issues

Alexandra Cousteau, a self-proclaimed water advocate, is embarking on a five month expedition focused on “critical water issues” in North America in celebration of her grandfather’s (Jacques-Yves Cousteau) 100th birthday.  Cousteau seeks to highlight water conservation and the state of many ecosystems that rely on fresh water for survival. The 14,500 mile journey will be chronicled by National Geographic as Cousteau and her team travel cross country in their biodiesel bus.

Not to be left too far behind, Hollywood is even getting in on the environmental action.  Singer Melissa Etheridge and other singers & artists will joining Cousteau in select cities to help promote the project. According to Cousteau, “Throughout the journey, the team will explore some of the great water treasures of the region, investigate issues surrounding water conservation, as well as bear witness to stories of people from all walks of life working to solve one of the great challenges of our generation – the global water crisis.”

Blue Legacy

image via Blue Legacy

Expedition Blue Planet: North America kicks off on June 30th and can be followed via Cousteau’s Blue Legacy website through photos, videos, and blogs. Highlights of their travels look to include “traveling across the canyons, mountains and prairies of the Wild West and along the Gulf to reach the coral reefs of Florida before turning North towards the Great Lakes.”

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