Cool Sailing/Cycling Hybrid Bike Setting Sail Across U.S. Roads

Sure, we all feel pretty cool with our spanky new pedelecs, hybrid bikes, e-cycles, etc. But the latest in high-powered, souped-up bicycles–which, incidentally, also looks like a whole lot of fun to ride–makes use of one of the oldest technologies known to travel: the sail.

Pterosails (say ‘terra-sails’) are a jib-based recumbent trike equipped with a patented (but purportedly easy-to-learn) sailing system, which is claimed to combine the comfort of a recumbent with the pleasure of sailing. The Pterosail design places the sail in front of the rider and low to the ground, resulting “a safe, stable and easily-learned sailing experience.” There’s even an on-board solar panel to provide AC when temps get hot.


image via Pterosail Trike Systems

Starting July 1st, Pterosail Trike Systems LC will be sponsoring Rediscovering America, A Cross-Country Sailing Adventurea cross-country trip totalling just over three thousand miles–beginning in San Diego, CA and ending in St. Augustine, FL. At the helm of the head-turning Pterosail trike will be John MacTaggart, a veteran of Afghanistan (who we believe may be related to Pterosail’s Chief Operating Officer, Rigoberto MacTaggart).  This hybrid sailing/cycling adventure will be documented at Pterosail’s website.

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