Concept Transforms Appliances Into Energy Efficient Wonders

What do you get when you combine a dishwasher, a refrigerator, a clock, and a smartphone application to monitor energy usage?  No, it’s not a nursery rhyme. They’re instead design concepts under the moniker Impact for monitoring the energy efficiency of your kitchen appliances & thermostat, via our friends at Yanko Design. The general idea is to minimize your energy usage without extra hardware (like a new refrigerator or dishwasher) and save money while doing it.

The Impact Fridge lets you know when you’re letting all of the cool air out via a glowing status bar of green light that shows when energy is escaping, replenishing, and full.   On the dishwasher, it’s the same green energy bar with some extra juice.  Just let the dishwasher know when you need the dishes clean and it will schedule the optimum time and settings for you.   Impact’s Clock looks cool, matches the rest of your kitchen decor, and captures real time energy usage info.

Energy Efficient Appliances

image via Yanko Design

Last but not least: Impact’s smartphone application pulls it all together.  Just consult your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android for information on your home energy usage and “socially generated suggestions” from your friends and family.   You can even turn your heating or air conditioning on or off directly through the application.  So the next time your spouse or children leave the house with the air conditioning blasting, this handy tool could help you save mucho dollars as well as wattage.    Perhaps one day, we’ll see this neat idea come to fruition.

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