Concept Robotic Cop Electric Vehicle Chases Down the Future

Part Robocop, part Cars–in the future, if you try to outrun the cops in your super-souped up Tesla or other high-speed EV, you may find yourself followed by not a flesh and blood police officer, but another electric vehicle, entirely unmanned: the Scarab electric self-driven police chase assistant (which comes to us via Ecofriend).

At present, the Scarab is just a concept, designed by Carl Archambeault, but one that admittedly doesn’t seem that far-fetched. After all, we already have unmanned drones flying over Iraq, correct? Why not protect the lives of police officers in the high-speed chase scenario? The Scarab is 100% electric, light-weight, compact and emissions-free; it was designed to take part in both high-speed chases and routine traffic stops to help keep officers and innocent bystanders safe.


image via Ecofriend

Wait, hold up there, Carl. “Routine traffic stops?” You mean that next time we get pulled over on the highway, it could be by nothing other than a police car itself? We could see some things going wrong with that. Plenty of things. Your Scarab car may be slick and even eco, but does it understand our Miranda rights? We can see some things going wrong here. What’s that? You’ve thought of this? Apparently so; the Scarab would apparently only do the bidding of a real police officer; after the officer “tags” your car for speeding, the Scarab will pull you over (possibly via some sort of signal-jamming device) and wait for the officer to arrive.

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