Chevy Volt Electric Car Drives Into Microsoft Video Game

Thinking about buying a Chevy Volt electric car but want to take it for a virtual test spin first? One way you’ll be able to do that come this fall is through Microsoft’s Kinect controller-free, sensor-based control gaming accessory for the Xbox 360 system. The Volt apparently is one of the vehicles you’ll be able to drive in a new game called Kinect Joy Ride.

GM and Microsoft said that this “first multiscreen advertising campaign that incorporates Kinect for Xbox 360 as a way to promote the Chevrolet Volt” will first require viewing of a video advertisement in-dash on Xbox LIVE or on the Web. Afterwards, consumers will be able to access the Volt in the Kinect Joy Ride game so they can drive it.

Kinect Volt

image via Microsoft

Besides being able to interact with this Kinect-Volt experience through one’s Xbox 360 in home, other opportunities will also exist to try this combination out. Special Kinect kiosks at Chevrolet’s promotional events and showrooms will be deployed so car buyers can play the game and make use of special interactive Microsoft Surface tables to view Volt information as well as download photos and videos from their personal “Kinect Joy Ride” session.

“The Volt applies advanced environmental technology to give Chevrolet drivers freedom from the gas pump, making it one of the most exciting developments the automotive industry has seen in years,” said Jim Campbell, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing, in a statement. “Kinect allows us to bring the excitement of the showroom to the living rooms of our customers. It’s a way for us to replicate the experience of physically engaging with a product that is essential to the customer’s purchasing decision.”

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