Chevrolet Volt Survives Rigorous Hot Weather Desert Testing

Can the upcoming Chevrolet Volt electric car stand the heat of the desert? That’s the question GM sought to find out when it took this particular car to its General Motors Desert Proving Grounds in Arizona to see how well the Volt will handle after it has been “baking” for several hours under the hot summer sun.

GM said the Volt, undergoing what it calls the Hot Soak Evaluation, saw temperatures inside the car’s cabin pushing a sultry 175 degrees F. After a few hours of this, the vehicle was opened up and the electric accessories cycled before it was taken out on a spin to check for squeaks and rattles. Also checked was how the AC handled under such hot conditions, with GM reporting the vehicle easily cooled itself off to “a nice comfortable temperature for driving” while also performing well under its stress conditions.

Chevy Volt Desert

image via GM

Also tested by GM on the Volt was Grade Load. Though the vehicle is not equipped to handle towing, it was hitched up to a towing dynamometer to “put stress and strain on the Volt’s engine and chassis to determine how well it will perform while climbing a mountain at temperatures above 100 degrees F.” It reportedly passed this test as well and is, according to the auto manufacturer, “an electric vehicle for all temperatures and seasons.”

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