Biomedical Battery Guru Looks Into Clean Energy Storage Ideas

It makes simple sense that if you have a biomedical device, such as a pacemaker, implanted into you the battery that powers it better well run a very long time. Shouldn’t that same type of logic be applied into batteries that could store clean energy in one’s home to power it for longer periods of time before needing to recharge from the grid? That is essentially the idea being looked into by biomedical battery guru and University at Buffalo scientist Esther Takeuchi.

Takeuchi, who talks in the video below about electric cars and battery potentials, is wondering if a variation of one of the systems she developed for biomedical use could “one day be applied to powering homes and buildings.” She is specifically trying to “coax the best performance out of battery chemicals” possible, with a focus on “developing a distributed grid where renewable power is generated closer to where it’s needed, rather than in a central place and transmitted long distances, the way the current grid operates.” What this essentially means for you and I is that, according to Takeuchi, as society tries to move towards cleaner energy sources, which are not constantly “on” in the cases of solar or wind, one will need some form of in-home, low cost energy storage to hold that power longer and for maximum usage potential.


image via University at Buffalo

“One of the key challenges in moving from our fossil-fuel based system to greener, renewable forms of energy is that whether you’re talking about solar or wind power, these forms of energy are intermittent,”¬†said Takeuchi. “Whether you’re talking about the power grid, electrical vehicles or biomedical devices the quest is for low cost, longer life and rechargeability.”

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