Beautiful Solar Doorbell Provides Nice Green Home Touch

A doorbell that’s solar powered, efficient, and beautiful?  Hot damn, we have a winner.  This innovative and gorgeous Glow solar doorbell concept was created by David Barry Design as an “aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and adjustable alternative” to your typical wired doorbell.  No fuss, no muss, and no electrical installation.

When your visitor presses the doorbell button, both the outside and inside panels glow to indicate that the units are working (as well as ringing, of course).  The floral design on the inside unit is pretty enough that you might not mind displaying it for all to see.  You can also change the bell volume to suit your needs.  You might turn it down when you’re trying to catch an afternoon catnap or turn it up if you’re out in the backyard away from the door.   The part that we particularly like though: there are two separate “rings” and buttons for indicating if a visitor is there to visit an adult or one of the kids.

Glow Solar Doorbell

image via David Berry Design

Thanks to clever industrial designer David Berry for demonstrating that design can be functional and stunning…. sustainable and practical. Now, where can we buy one?

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