When Music and LED Lightbulbs Mate

The influx of LED bulbs being developed lately by some of America’s brightest minds is exciting stuff, but even the coolest bulb is just a bulb, right? Not in the case of MusicLites, the premiere LED-bulb-and-music-speaker hybrid being developed by Sylvania and high-end audio tech developer Artison.  Instead of screwing in regular recessed lights in your kitchen or entertaining spaces, why not install lights that can blast music?

The concept of merging a speaker with a light has been more than 10 years in the making: the idea was patented in 1999 by Artison CEO Cary Christie. Fast forward to the many technological marvels offered in 2010, and it seems Artison decided the time was right for the device. “The MusicLites’ design combines an efficient 10-watt LED light, a 70-millimeter full range high fidelity loudspeaker and a wireless audio receiver in a module that is compatible with many audio sources,” according to a statement, which goes on to state that the MusicLite can fit into four-, five-, or six-inch recessed cans.

music lite

Image via Newscom

In terms of tech specs, the MusicLite’s light output is equivalent to a 65W reflector bulb, and the audio signal is transferred via a 2.4GHz wireless signal. Additionally, the audio signal is compatible with a range of audio sources such as USB, smartphones, and portable devices. With each MusicLite kit, users will receive two 3.8-inch x 5.3-inch modules including a remote to control light, dimmers, and audio settings.  MusicLites are scheduled to be released this Fall.  Who knows? Maybe MusicLites will make your annual Halloween party a guaranteed hit with your new, hidden speaker system.

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