Vertical Axis Turbine Uses Wind From Any Direction

It looks more like a kinetic sculpture than those modern, iconic wind turbines turning atop the hills of Southern California in great number. But the Eddy vertical axis wind turbine produces up to 600W of renewable energy–using wind from any direction.

The Eddy (which comes to us via Ecofriend) weighs around 17 pounds and is around 4.5 feet  wide and 5 feet tall, with a rated power output of about 600W and a cut-in speed of just 3.5m/s. It’s safe in winds of more than 120mph and has an engineered lifetime of about 20 years. Its carbon fiber and fiberglass turbine blades top out at 200 rpm.


image via Ecofriend

Urban Green Energy, the makers of Eddy, are–as the name would suggest–dedicated to renewable energy solutions for urban centers. Towards that end, this lightweight, omnidirectional turbine only generates about 38dB at 12m/s wind speed–a level of noise which they claim is halfway between a whisper (15dB) and normal conversation (60dB).

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    Please stick to Metric dimensions and measurements, Imperial system is dead and should never be used. No alternative energy company/system would use the imperial system. Please join the Twenty-First Century.

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