U.S. DOE Gives DTE Energy $84 Million For Local Smart Grid Adoption

Progress follows a simple mathematical equation: smart people + money = advancement. Follow that, and you’re golden. Of course, there are plenty of people with great ideas, but money is typically a bigger hurdle. Michigan-based DTE Energy has been given a boost over that hurdle courtesy of the Department of Energy (DOE), who has provided DTE with an $84-million grant to push smart grid adoption.

The agreement between the two parties, known as the SmartCurrents initiative, dictates that every dollar given by DOE will be matched by DTE Energy and its partners, resulting in a total of almost $170 million. “The program will afford customers improved electric service reliability, the distribution of smart appliances and ways to control and reduce energy consumption and costs,” according to a statement. Over the course of 2010 and 2011, MichCon and Detroit Edison will install more than 600,000 new smart meters throughout various counties. These meters will serve as the foundation of the SmartCurrents program.

Smart Currents

image via DTE Energy

As the program moves forward, all electric meters in Southeast Michigan will be replaced by solid state meters, and all gas meters will be modified with advanced metering modules. SmartCurrents will also create 700 deployment and construction jobs, along with 350 permanent supplier positions.

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