Tesla Hits The Roadster Tour Circuit In North America

Those curious about Tesla Motors, especially in the wake of its new California partnership with Toyota, don’t usually get a chance to see the company’s Roadster firsthand because of limited availability. A viewing of this pricey luxury electric car will soon be possible in various places around the country though via a just announced “Electric Summer Roadster Tour” across North America.

The Electric Summer Roadster Tour Web site, which will let interested parties see where the Roadster is showing up, at this point only shows a few locations where the vehicle will be shown. That being said, we assume Tesla will be announcing other locations in coming days, as the company’s announcement states that the car will appear “from Omaha to Buffalo, Seattle to Dallas” over the course of the summer.

Tesla North America Road Tour

image via Tesla Motors

At each tour stop, Tesla said, it will be answering questions about its Roadster and also offering test drives. Key highlights of this electric vehicle, for those unfamiliar with it, include going 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, using no gas as a fuel source, offering around 200 miles of driving on a single charge and fully recharging overnight at one’s home.

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