Survey Finds Many Americans In Dark Over Smart Grid Concept

Do you know what the smart grid is? You aren’t alone by a long shot if you don’t, at least according to new survey results from EcoAlign. This marketing agency recently took the pulse of America on the smart grid concept, finding that around 70 percent of Americans are not familiar with the concept.

While familiarity isn’t high, first impressions after consumer education is provided are favorable, with EcoAlign saying it found “strong levels of consumer good will and expectation in anticipation of the smart grid rollout.” Over half of those who came to understand the smart grid idea found it to be of potential use to them. That being said, consumers are also still wanting to be very private with their detailed energy consumption data, with around two-thirds believing only they should have access to and control of this information.


image via ZinePress

It is also interesting from this survey to see how consumers would actually use the data provided to them. Many see this technology as primarily a means to lower and/or manage rising energy bills, according to EcoAlign, with average usage patterns of the smart grid’s ability hovering around 12 times per month. With the grid’s prospects for smart meters and smart appliances, one wonders if these average usage patterns might not even go higher once consumers see the benefits of fully understanding their real time energy usage habits.

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