Survey Finds Electric Cars Have Far To Go To Win Over Buyers

If Nissan and GM hope to drive decent sales of their upcoming Leaf and Volt electric cars, it looks as if they are going to need to do a lot more to educate consumers on how effective these types of vehicles can truly be on the open road. That is one of several takeaways from a new survey, which found that 40 percent of those asked “still feel they don’t know enough about the technology to consider an electric vehicle for their next purchase.” found in its survey that over half of those who said they would not yet buy an electric car were suffering from what has been called range anxiety, which is basically the idea that your electric car will run out of a charge while you are driving it in the same long distance manner you are already used to with regular gas-powered vehicles. This longer driving distance notion was further reinforced by the notation that “43 percent said they drive distances greater than electric technology will currently allow.”


image via Nissan

Looking beyond range anxiety as a non-buying factor, other mentioned items which concerned consumers included cost, infrastructure and time needed to charge an electric vehicle. It was interesting to note that 36 percent of those asked “don’t have or don’t want to pay for an electric outlet in their garage for charging an electric vehicle” and also that 41 percent believed fully recharging of an electric car should take less than two hours.

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    • tony

      Well what is the point of this article about people “suffering” range anxiety. It’s very simply: If the range of your car is 40 miles, then don’t drive 100 miles, and then act surprised that your car left you stranded in the road. Same thing as gasoline cars, if your tank is empty to take a trip to the country side. The other option is continuing buying gasoline, about $60 a week to fill up your tank and as a reward you get dirty polluted air, oil stains in the driveway, and nasty refineries. Look at the Gulf of Mexico, is a mess with all that oil killing birds and fish, and ruining all the beaches. Yeah, “Did baby dig,” so who is going “to clean baby clean.”

    • Derek

      I Totaly agree with tony on the “range anxiety.” also who are these people they are dredging up who are complaning about electric Vehicles? No one ever Surveys me ! Is that because I am Ready to give a positive responce to Fully Electric cars? A few weeks ago I my Wife and Two Friends headed out on a Saturday shopping romp to several shops and gardining centers ,I set mt odometer to 0 and after the shopping was done (Driving around Calgary Alberta The Google First deffinion of erbin Sprall!) we travled a full 46 kilometers which is about what 23ish miles! I am waiting with baited breath for the Electrics to be Available! Plus the People complainning about paying for a hookup in their parking stall?! How much fun is it filling up your tank in the driving rain windy cold day?!

    • Derek

      uNLESS YOU ARE OUT ON THE HIGHWAY every day! I think most people would be hard pressed to drive 45 miles (baisically 100 kms)in a day of average city driving! A person can keep their old carbonmonoxcide producing vehicle for highway trips, and spend the majority of their time motoring around in a 0 emissions vehicle! And I don’t see where the worry on the oil companies are anyways! The Plastics used to construct the Electric Vehicles is made from Crude Oil Yes?! I would rather see the reclamable plastics drive by than having to breath the fumes of burning dirivitives of the same crude oil constantly pumping out of exhaust pipes! :oP

    • Derek

      I Don’t get all the excitement on Hybred Vehicles?! They still have a Tale Pipe, and you still have to go to a GAS Station and Fill er up! and up! anup! anup! anup! anup!
      The Bush Government was giddy to get on with Hydrogen powered vehicles! Just THAT in its self should make the Hair’s on the back of your neck stand up, and run shivers up and down your spine! I have heard that it takes 3 times (or units)of the amount of fossel fuel to make 1 time (or unit) of Hydrogen fuel! So by the time you get the Hydrogen to fill up your car the fuel has already produced a considerable amount of Polution! George was beamming, because with Hydrogen, the Oil will just keep ona FLOWEN! :p