Solar Stereo-In-a-Milk-Crate Offers Portable Music

Looking to show up those kids cruising through your neighborhood with their thumpin’ tunes? Their jaws will drop when they feast their eyes on your solar-powered stereo-in-a-milk-crate – conveniently fitted to the rear of your bicycle.

Okay, so it may not be as “cool” as the rocking car stereos that thump your window panes, but the stereo is still an ingenious method of crating around your MP3 collection via bicycle. A detailed set of instructions allows you to transform your bike into a concert on wheels. The materials, found at Instructables, aren’t incredibly expensive. And assembly doesn’t seem difficult, although those with little to no soldering experience should seek the wisdom of those with soldering skills.

milk crate stereo

Image via Uber Gizmo

The solar stereo isn’t limited to bikers. “Solar power isn’t your only option as this system can be modified to be hooked up to a 12v DC…though you’ll lose the portability option,” according to Uber Gizmo.

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