Pacific Gas & Electric Comes Clean On Smart Meter Information

Given the copious amount of data that smart meters are able to spit out at customers, it seems only appropriate that Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) is examining the data of their SmartMeter program to ensure the most accurate data possible. Don’t believe that the vast majority of the utility’s SmartMeter program is performing as intended? Don’t take just their verbal word for it: company reports detailing this information are now public record [PDF].

Over 45 reports dating back to August 2009 have been released by the company to the public. Within the reports are “data pertaining to early reviews, monitoring, testing and corrections identified and applied throughout the program, in most cases before the issues could affect our customers or their bills,” according to PG&E. Per the reports, approximately 137 risks and issues were identified by PG&E over a four-year period. 118 required specific plans of action to resolve; of those, 107 have been resolved. Also included in the reports are risk tables that show steps taken by the company to think through and address various potential issues.

pgE smartmeter

Image via PG&E

Smart meters, considered pivotal to the success of the smart grid, will allow the system to be stronger and more intelligent. Eager to continue breaking ground in smart meter tech, PG&E is tackling a number of customer service issues including an additional 165 customer service representatives to improve service, extending communication methods with customers, and making weekly public updates regarding the SmartMeter program.

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