Nifty tLight LED Desktop Lamp Sports Integrated iPod Charging Dock

Not all LED desk lights are made equal, especially when they can also charge a variety of your favorite portable devices while at the same time offering energy efficient lighting. M&C, a manufacturer of “energy-efficient lighting fixtures, design bathroom lighting fixtures and utility lights” has debuted its new tLight for around $90, which it also calls “The Most Talented Light.”

The M&C tLight is said to be the world’s first “all-in-one LED desk light with integrated charging ability for most notebooks and mobile phones as well as all iPhone and iPod products.” It could very well be this, while looking quite cool and modern on one’s desk at the same time. It sports an integrated dock for iPods and iPhones for charging of those devices, as well as shipping with special “connection accessories” and built in ports for charging a variety of your other mobile devices also.


image via M&C

The tLight sports as well a three watt LED bulb “with special diffuser to provide a pleasant light, energy consumption is cut to a minimum.” M&C says this LED bulb will offer around 50,000 hours of usage. The unit as a whole is comes in a choice of eight different and shiny body colors. It should ship later this month.

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    This is what I sent to tLight after receiving mine today…

    Sorry to say, and I am posting this all over the web… 
    Also your return policy makes it cost prohibitive to return it.  Live and learn. 
    Next time I’ll buy domestic products only.
    I just received my tLight, and in the beginning it sounds like a great idea.
    Here’s the facts that I found. If you have any sort of a case on your iPhone (mine is a Speck shock case), it will not fit into the charging base – have to take it out.
    Also BIG DEAL for me – There is no charging tip for a Lenovo T520. So… That feature is completely out.
    I would think hard and fast before spending $140 on this lamp and make sure it fits your needs.
    Thanks, -rs-

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