New VW Electric Bike Easily Fits Into Your Car Trunk

Most drivers are lucky to even have control of their automobiles while driving, much less have the aptitude to do something tricky such as change a tire when a vehicle breaks down. If you’re humble enough to count yourself among the ranks of the automobile illiterate, Volkswagen has a question for you: if you can’t change a flat, would you be willing to ride a bike to the nearest phone or gas station instead?

That’s the concept behind VW’s bik.e, a foldable electric bike that “folds to a footprint identical to that of a car spare tyre, enabling it to be stowed away easily,” according to Gizmag. At such a compact size, the bik.e could be stored in the trunk of a car, perfect for situations where the car in question is out of commission. Gizmag reports that the bik.e’s reported range is 12.5 miles — not an awfully long distance, but one perfect for a destination that’s close by.

VW bik.e

Image via Autoblog Green

Not many details pertaining to the bik.e are known, but Autoblog Green assures readers that unlike many concepts shown at auto shows, this one will come to fruition: “we are told there are plans to actually commercialize this machine, though it probably won’t come as an option with your next VW.”

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