New Voltex Electric Water Heater Shoots For Energy Efficiency

Many electric water heaters exist, but how many can boast to be Energy Star rated? Only one: the Voltex Hybrid Electric Water Heater.

Developed by A.O. Smith, the Voltex requires less than 50 percent of the energy required by standard electric water heaters to operate. How does the Voltex achieve such impressive savings, which clock in at approximately $203 annually? “At the heart of the Voltex is A. O. Smith’s new heat pump technology,” according to a statement. “This system operates essentially like an air conditioner in reverse, pulling heat out of the surrounding air and transferring it to the water in the tank.”

Ao Smith Voltec

image via A.O. Smith

Voltex users can operate the electric water heater in one of three different modes: efficiency mode, which causes the heater to rely on the heat pump; hybrid mode, which swaps between heat pump and standard electric heating depending on hot water demand; and electric mode, which causes the Voltex to function like a typical electric water heater. Besides versatility, consumers who purchase a Voltex are eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of 30 percent of the device’s installed cost up to $1500.

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