New Analysis Shows Rise of Green Gadget Chargers Through 2014

It’s practically an immutable law: the more advanced portable devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers become, the quicker their batteries will croak, which means their owners will spend more time recharging them. Professional analyzer Frost & Sullivan has gathered official data that proves this rule, and postulates that the green charger market will soon explode with growth because of it.

Frost & Sullivan’s report, entitled Opportunities for Green Battery Chargers, details the expected green charger market boom to take place from 2008 to 2014. It does come with a hitch: “The growth rate is expected to be slow in 2010 due to the recession and prices for these chargers being high as compared to conventional chargers,” admits F&S. “Moreover, awareness levels are still low and only a select few customers prefer such products.” The reason? Portable electronics may be hip, but awareness of green chargers, still a somewhat new concept, is still low. However, as awareness of green chargers made for mobile devices and laptops grows, so will adoption.


Image via AT&T

The F&S report points to solar battery chargers as being the most researched and developed green charger tech due to their high degree of efficiency and flexibility compared to other chargers. Despite their versatility, solar and other types of green chargers are still largely inefficient when compared to conventional chargers, thus making green chargers only suitable for situations where conventional charging, such as plugging a charger into an outlet, are unavailable.

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