Natural Gas Vehicles: Lieberman & Kerry On the Job

We tend to mention hybrids and  electric vehicles almost daily, but a third alternative vehicle type growing in popularity is the natural gas vehicle, or NGV. In order to give natural gas vehicles a boost, Senators Joe Lieberman and John Kerry included support for the production and purchase of these vehicles in their climate change bill.

The climate change bill proposes new tax credit caps for fleet vehicles such as fleet owners receiving a tax credit of 50 to 80 percent of the cap depending on emissions performance, an incentive that would last 10 years. (Biofuel cars count too.) If passed, the legislation would also create natural gas bonds which would stimulate the use of natural gas vehicles by government bodies.  The hope is that with greater numbers of buyers lined up and waiting, production costs will fall.

ngv fueling

Image via NGVAmerica

NGVAmerica, a national association dedicated to helping grow this market, expressed enthusiasm for the legislation. Richard Kolodziej, president of NGVAmerica, saidnatural gas is the cleanest burning alternative transportation fuel commercially available today and can reduce greenhouse gases emissions by almost 30 percent. We are very encouraged to see that support for natural gas vehicles is a part of this climate legislation.”

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