MotionPower-Heavy Tech Generates Electricity from Heavy Vehicles

Self-reliance is a good thing. Take electric cars for example: in some cases, certain actions such as regenerative braking convert the vehicle’s kinetic energy into a usable form of energy that is stored for future use. Working along that same line, New Energy Technologies, Inc., has unveiled its full-scale, totally unique MotionPower-Heavy technology which generates electricity from the motion of heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, and long-haul rigs.

MotionPower-Heavy is an upgrade to New Energy’s MotionPower technologies, which have been used to generate sustainable electricity from the kinetic energy of moving vehicles. In a recent announcement, New Energy revealed that they have completed initial phases of the MotionPower development plan. Meetesh V. Patel, President and CEO of New Energy, says the next step is to establish a concrete product development plan, which will aid their engineers by way of eliminating that were previously unknown. Patel believes those next steps will provide New Energy with the details it needs to establish pricing models and a timeline for commercial deployment.

Motion Power

image via New Energy Technologies

“Engineers will work towards the selection of product materials and manufacturing systems which can increase durability while reducing production costs,” according to New Energy. The engineers will also endeavor to refine sub-stymes to maximize kinetic energy capture from vehicles, as well as boosting energy generated from vehicle motion. MotionPower systems are designed to only capture energy when a vehicle is moving slowly or coming to a complete stop, an intentional move to ensure moving vehicles are not robbed of the energy required to accelerate.

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