Millions Of Electric Car Charging Points Potentially In Place By 2015

As consumers facing electric car buying decisions worry about whether or not they’ll be able to go the distance and back on a full battery charge, one wonders: exactly how many electric vehicle charging stations will be needed to make this all-electric car utopia idea actually work? While that number isn’t exactly clear, it is believed by one research firm that by 2015 we will see at least several million of these charging points in place in areas ranging from residential equipment to public, private and workplace charging stations.

Pike Research did some model forecasting to come up with the estimated 4.7 million electric vehicle charging points it believes will be in place in the coming years. This number, which is actually down from an original 5 million stations because of slower projected electric car sales rates and a “continued lack of a clear business model for public charging stations,” seems like a lot at first glance until you consider this is the total worldwide. It certainly issues a cautionary note that we have a ways to go before making electric cars be the gold standard for future personal transportation.

charging station

Image via Coulomb

“The success of hybrid vehicles in the 2000s gave drivers a taste for propulsion by electric power,” said senior analyst John Gartner, “and governments around the world are now highly focused on creating the charging infrastructure to support the arrival of EVs in significant numbers.”

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