Diapers Get Turned Into Biomass Fuel Via Innovative Machine

Some products are meant to be used repeatedly, and then there are diapers, the definition of one-time use. Once a diaper has served its purpose, there’s not much more that can be done other than dispose of it as quickly as possible. But Japanese automation firm Super Faiths has a different idea: why not recycle them into fuel for biomass stoves?

Most diapers accumulated from hospitals and nursing homes are deposited into landfills or incinerated. Super Faiths’ more elegant solution is to use machines to convert diapers into a form of renewable energy. “The machines automatically shred, dry, and sterilize used disposable diapers and turn them into bacteria-free material for making fuel pellets,” explains CNET.”Diapers in plastic bags are dumped into the machines … which produce material for the pellets about a day later.” The fibrous material is then separately processed into fuel pellets that can be used to heat roads, homes, or water.

super faiths machine

Image via Super Faiths

At present, two machines are being used at a western Tokyo hospital. Combined, the machines intake 1400 pounds of used paper diapers per day.

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