Home Air Purification Meets Living Plant: The Andrea Interview

The world of green technology produces many innovative devices and technologies which all share the common goal of making our planet a better place to live. Devices which are found in the home tend to be of the appliance, computer or home electronics variety. A few companies though are developing more unique items, such as LaboGroup and its affiliated ArtScience Labs. This particular outfit, in particular French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards, brought to life Andrea, a rather unique take on home air purification which uses the power of natural plants to cleanse the air you breathe. This device, since its release, has been a popular seller in Europe.

We caught up LaboGroup COO Tom Hadfield to find out more about Andrea and how this unique device does its air cleansing magic.


image via LaboGroup

EarthTechling: What exactly is Andrea?

Tom Hadfield: Andrea is a “living air purifier” that naturally cleans indoor air by enhancing the capacity of household plants to remove toxic gases from your home or office.

ET: What was the idea behind Andrea?

Hadfield: Andrea was invented by French designer Mathieu Lehanneuer with Harvard professor David Edwards, founder of ArtScience Labs, an international network of art and design labs experimenting at the frontiers of science. By combining cutting-edge environmental science with a world-class design, Andrea is the first in a line of plant-based air purifiers that optimize, and bring into the home and office, what nature already does for our atmosphere.

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