HOLO 2.0 Concept Bracelet Computer Powered By Kinetic Energy

The HOLO 2.0 concept computer isn’t as advanced as the technology that permeated the home of Marty McFly circa 2015 in Back to the Future II, but it does give pizza hydrators and the scenery channel a run for their money.

Designed by Elodie Delassus, Pradeep Kamath, Rucha Shinde, Taha Poonawala, and Asher Kandelar as the computer of the future, the HOLO 2.0 wearable bracelet comes equipped with everything except a hover board. A wearable device, the HOLO 2.0 is the definition of portability and 24/7 web connectivity. “HOLO 2.0 uses a kinetically chargeable battery, with the power source being generated from “the kinetic movements of your hand,” according to Tuvie. It also features “an interactive holographic display to establish a connection between the user and the device itself.”

holo computer

Image via Elodie Delassus

The HOLO 2.0’s compact size is one of its main boons, as its computing power is equivalent to most laptops. A docking station included with the device would allow users to emit a holographic display on par with the average dimensions of current monitors, thereby providing them with a more conventional display.

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