Greener, More Sustainable Classrooms Go Modular

Back in our day, it was a thrill to learn that the book mobile was due at school. Rather than bring learning to school, Gen7 is bringing the school to students in the form of American Modular Systems’ Gen7 classrooms, intended to be the epitome of green schooling.

According to American Modular Systems and Gen7, the classrooms foster a safe, eco-friendly environment to provide optimal learning opportunities and sustainable schools [PDF]. The modularly-constructed classrooms feature a bevy of resources intended to promote renewable and green energy. “Green schools enjoy 20 percent higher test scores, fewer absences, lower healthcare costs and higher teacher retention,” according to Gen7, who states that green schools also save approximately $100,000 per year in direct cost savings, as well as long-term savings of as much as 30 percent.

Gen7 Classrooms

image via AMS

Windows are low-E dual-glazed with thermal break aluminum frames; the tabular skylights are Energy Star-rated, which make for a better learning environment; and the mineral board sheathing for roof and wall backing is 100 percent recycled and formaldehyde-free. Specifics can be gleaned from Gen7’s fact sheet [PDF].

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