Green Machine App Gets You In Touch With Inner Recycling Nerd

Are you a recycling nerd? Do you like to know what tonnages of different forms of recyclables convert to in terms of things like avoided kilowatts of electricity as a form of positive environmental savings? To borrow an overused phrase – “there’s an app for that.” In this case, it is a relatively new iPhone app developed for Integrity Recycling & Waste Solutions and Cardella Waste Services called The Green Machine.

The Green Machine is not a complex app by most standards – it “converts recyclable tonnages for paper, metal, plastic and wood into measures of positive environmental savings, such as avoided landfill airspace, gallons of oils, kilowatts of electricity, and other similar earth friendly information.” You can choose from pounds or tons as well as learning real world things about specific typess of savings (i.e. how many gallons of gas saved equals how many more miles Americans can drive). Plans are in the works to port this free app to other mobile devices, like the Blackberry and Droid phones, as well.

Green Machine

image via Cardella Waste

“We’re hoping The Green Machine Conservation Calculator will help promote environmental awareness and serve as a catalyst for eco-friendly initiatives,” said Ralph Giordano, co-owner of Integrity Recycling & Waste Solutions Inc, in a statement. “We see this as a positive way to communicate and measure how recycling impacts our daily lives.”

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